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19 years

I founded estvideo 19 years ago, during my experience as an advertising photographer and location manager for production companies.

My curiosity and passion for photography and life on advertising set meant that cinematographic art would become my new professional goal.
New electronic technologies have allowed me to measure myself with the world of video productions, so I’ve decided to pursue my passion for image and to evolve also in the world of film language.
Estvideo was established as a partner for Production Companies, Private Companies and Individuals.
When I say “we” I speak of all the highly experienced professionals with whom I cooperate every day and with whom I have worked during these years.

The Team Milano is a perfect example, nothing is built without having a strong sense of belonging to a team. Respect for the professionalism and experience of others becomes the real strength to create an ever-better communication strategy.
Synergy comes from listening to and caring for other peoples ideas.

THE TEAM MILANO is a group of professionals operating in the communication field who, while working with a solid customer base, has chosen to share a work philosophy to encourage the possibility of expanding the services offered without changing its uniqueness.

The experience gained in the field has allowed us to know and trust each other and to verify and appreciate the professionalism of every single member of the group.

Professionalism and reliability, a recipe for success, two primary elements that allow us, with maximum flexibility, to offer, where required, a 360° service.

The services offered can be activated in total, partially or individually according to the specific needs of the customer.

Who we are


Michele Sala
ESTVIDEO  Via f.lli Cervi, 6  20082 BINASCO (MI)

skype: estvideo